F.R.E.D. uses a six-point process to clean gutters:


*Diligently remove debris by hand (we do NOT use a leaf blower to blow out gutters) and place debris in our own buckets

*Clear clogs in downspouts (disassemble if necessary to ensure they are free-flowing) 

*Flush gutters with a hose

*Flush Downspouts with a hose

*Clean the gutter face to make it look practically brand new again (we clean via scrub brush and bucket of solution)

*Appropriately discard the debris from gutters

*If necessary, a 7th point would be performing some repairs or addressing sagging issues; all which would thoroughly be discussed with our customer.









We have found that most gutters have between 75-125 pounds of debris in them.

The debris found in your gutter can lead to greater problems beyond just overflow of water, including:

  • separation of gutter from roof line
  • cracks in the seals that keep separate gutter pieces together
  • sagging which brings incorrect sloping for drainage, etc

If your gutters are not cleaned regularly (we recommend at least twice a year although some can literally go years in between a good cleaning) you could ultimately end up needing to replace them or having costly repairs.