There are many companies that do “custom” lights but none stand up to the quality and perfection that is our standard.







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Custom C9 Christmas lights are what we do!


Christmas Lights by F.R.E.D.  is one of very few Christmas light hanging companies in Snohomish County that specializes in hanging custom Christmas lights to precisely fit your home: Everything is constructed on site (your home or business) and there are no blacking out of bulbs, tucking  or hiding extra parts of the light strand in the gutter, behind something, etc.


The top 7 reasons to use 

Christmas Lights by F.R.E.D.

Safety:  Hanging Christmas lights can be a dangerous, daunting task.  Without the appropriate tools or training you could be subjecting yourself or home to an unnecessary risk. Our team is accustom to the Northwest’s weather and have hung lights in sub-freezing temperatures, while it’s been raining and even snowing.  All Christmas light technicians have monthly ladder drills and training with the equipment used for your Christmas light installation, as well, F.R.E.D. is licensed, bonded and insured.

Convenience:  The whole process is designed to make it as easy on the customer as possible.  We are fully aware that the holiday season is non-stop; filled with shopping, baking, decorating, parties and of course, some have to work.  Let us take one worry or time-consuming event off your plate.  From set-up to take down, we cover it all.  

Quality:  F.R.E.D. uses only Underwriter Laboratories (UL) approved products to help construct your perfect, custom lights.  We are strong believers in the saying, “you get what you pay for” and will prove our worth to you time and time again with the quality of our service you will receive.

Professionalism:  Professionalism and integrity are two characteristics that all of our technicians hold.  All technicians of the Christmas Lights by F.R.E.D. team have had successful Professional Firefighter-background checks performed.  Our goal is to leave your place better than we found it and you will never find garbage left behind by our technicians.

Perfection:  We are certain you will be delighted with the excellent dedication to detail by each of our technicians.  Each member of the team takes a lot of pride in ensuring each customer’s home is left perfect and flawless!  If you don’t like straight lines, patterns or symmetry please inform us during our consultation/free estimate.

Guaranteed:  The work performed by F.R.E.D. is under warranty and if ever there is a problem with any of the light strands or decorations, a technician will be out as soon as possible to fix or replace the problem free of charge.  Also, if lights are stored by F.R.E.D., the lights are further under warranty for the entire off-season.

Full-Service:  It starts with a call, text, website inquiry, FB message or email from you then the rest is on us.

*Free estimates anytime throughout the year

*Multiple options to fit your needs (more below)

*Pride taken in professionally putting up your Christmas lights

*Free warranty during Christmas season with speedy technical services on any problems you might encounter

*Lights will be taken down no later than the end of January


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OPTIONS to consider for our customers:

LED versus incandescent bulbs?


Clear/white bulbs or any color scheme?


Exterior Seasonal Timers or permanent timers installed: we have a very close working relationship with an electrician that outfits many homes each season with outlets under soffits or hard wired timers?


Customer stores lights in off-season or F.R.E.D. stores all your lights in a heated storage unit for a small fee (no headache of figuring out where to store them and the lights are guaranteed for the entire off-season)?


We can also do lighting for special events like weddings, anniversary parties, Fourth of July, etc.

It’s never too early in the year to start planning for your Christmas lighting so contact us now!!!