Why choose First Response Exterior Detailing, LLC?

We treat every customer like family and don't do anything we wouldn't do on our own homes. Details are everything. We don't collect any money until job is 100% complete and you as our customer, are 100% happy! That's a guarantee...


We only hire upstanding individuals, most of which are firefighters. Our employees are punctual, trustworthy and will all keep you posted along the way with great communication and advocacy.


We believe a picture says a thousand words, hence the importance of all our before/afters. We pride ourselves in making every situation right for the customer and ensure 100% happiness when we are done.


F.R.E.D.'s roots run deep in and through Snohomish County. Through sponsoring the Boys & Girl's club, Young Life & Wyld Life, different sports teams, attending church in the county and coaching various teams

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