Bird Control/Blocking


Have a problem with birds getting through the vents on your house?   Starlings and Sparrows are very problematic in Western Washington for getting into vents, soffits and other unwanted areas.  The bird-blocking mesh builders use just don’t withstand these pesky birds.  FRED uses a 1/4″ galvanized steel mesh that we staple over your vents or other troubled areas.  The birds cannot penetrate the areas we reinforce with the mesh, thus leaving you with a safe and worry-free attic or vent space.


A customer had problems with these birds getting in their dryer vent off of their 2nd story laundry room.  The birds would store the excess lint and gather straw and grass to build a nest.  Watch the below video (birds in dryer vent) to see what happened when we showed up; then scroll down to see the nest that was built and removed to a safe location.


birds in dryer vent




IMG_3454 IMG_3453

(The nest found in customer’s dryer vent)